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Date5/6/2021 7:43:40 AM
PriceUSD 99,950.00
Alchemist Films is a Shanghai video production house and company that offers video production and fixer services in Shanghai, China. We provide documentary video production, commercial video production, corporate video production, news video production, documentary fixer services, video transcription service, location scouting service, camera, and shooting equipment rental services, etc. in Shanghai, China. We also offer drone shooting and live stream services at an affordable price.
Video Production Shanghai Services
Shanghai is not only the capital city of China but a beautiful place for video production. In Shanghai, nature and the modern world has a great inner resonating environment, which attracts both production companies and corporate firms to shoot their video. China offers some of the world’s most stunning modern architecture, corporate and industrial locations, megacities, traditional villages, deserts and salt plains, breathtaking mountains, undiscovered forests and rivers, turquoise white sand beaches, rice paddies, impressive roads and tunnels, and a wealth of unique historic locations available for filming.
Alchemist Films offers proficient pre and post-production services in Shanghai. We are a team of producers that work closely with the local crew and companies for value performance production services. Fixers that we work with usually work on international and local video; film, documentary, television - all types of projects. We help content creators get what they want in this “great great” nation.
Documentary Video Production Shanghai & Television Fixer Services:
We offer Shanghai documentary fixer services, include complication fixing services like journalist visa approval, and provide you with a permit to shoot in China. Being a Documentary fixer can be challenging, many different topics in China might not be easy to apply for the permit, and when it comes to journalist visa it's even more complicated. We have talented and experienced fixers help you do the research and find the details and possibilities of arranging and working on all the process. To date, we provide documentary fixing services to some of the reputed international clients like Discovery CNN YouTube, CCTV, and HBO. On the other hand, you can also get film and TV fixer services from us successfully. In documentary fixing service, we organize everything in china so that our client can shoot his/her ideas and effortlessly scouting out the required place which he/she needs for the video content. We have great experience in shanghai films and TV fixer services with reputed brands like CNBC, BBC, France 24 and Discovery.
Our own teams of producers have been working on NGO, Discovery, BBC, France 24, and more, we communicate well and we solve the problems for our clients, seriously.

Shanghai Corporate Video Agency & Commercial Fixer:
Alchemist Films is a pro in commercial video production and fixer services as well as a Shanghai corporate video agency. Since 2011 Jack Zhang and his team seamlessly helping foreign companies, corporates, and ad agencies for their corporate video shoot in Shanghai, China. Being a Shanghai corporate video agency; we have produced several corporate videos for foreign corporates and agencies. It was a wonderful experience to be working as a floor manager for the FIBA 2019 world cup draw in Shenzhen China. Alibaba, Heineken, PayPal, new balance, TRW, AZN, Burger King, PWC, AON, Manchester United, One Plus, etc. are our valuable clients.
Overall you can say we can handle everything regarding shanghai video production effortlessly within the best budget in the market. If you are looking for any service related to video production or need to discuss anything for your upcoming video production shanghai projects, then feel free to send us an email at, or you can also call us on +86 150-6
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