Soft Skills Training in Chennai

Date5/11/2021 11:25:53 AM
PriceUSD 1,200.00
What is Soft Skills Training? But before that is there something called Hard skills training. Yes there is… But before going into these, let me narrate this story…

Two friends, Ramu and Somu, were walking in a forest. Suddenly they saw a lion running towards them. While Somu froze, Ramu took out a pair of running shoes and started wearing them. Somu got confused and asked. “ what are you doing? The lion is running towards us and you are wearing running shoes… You think you can run faster than the lion?”

Ramu said, “ No… I don’t want to run faster than the lion… All I want to do is run faster than YOU…”

Yes, Ramu knows as the Lion will hunt the slow runner and all he needs to do is to run faster than Somu for escaping the lion…

This is a Metaphorical Story… The forest represents the world we live in and the Lion represents the competition. If you want to
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