AI powered contract analytics and review | Contract Analytic

Smart Contract Analytics (SCA) Platform is based on AI / ML and specifically uses NLP and pattern recognition to process the contracts and extract the metadata. The platform is hosted on the AWS cloud that takes advantage of all security features that AWS provides along with the high availability and scalability features with GDPR compliances.
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning capabilities:
The SCA Platform uses Deep learning Neural Network models like Bi-LSTM, CNN, and other models that leverage state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) based modeling techniques such as Word2Vec and Bi-directional Encoder Representations with Transformers to develop a semantic understanding of the document contents and further extract relevant entities and clauses.
Product features:
1) NLP and deep learning techniques for extracting metadata
2) Export the extracted data to Excel or client desired format and push the extracted data into any CLM or downstream system
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