Awwa Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Date5/15/2021 2:54:14 PM
PriceUSD 368.00
AWWA is a standard which cover all areas of water treatment, supply too. Awwa butterfly valve is also from a family of valves called quarter turn valves. The valve is fully open or fully closed when the disc is pivoted a quarter angle. Butterfly is a metal disc, placed on a rod. When valve is closed, the disc is twisted so that it totally blocks off passageway. When valve is open, the disc is pivoted a quarter turn so that it permits an almost unrestricted passage of the liquid. These valves supplies to diverse purposes of pharmaceutical, petroleum, mining, food chemical industries. It is of three types:

• Wafer-style butterfly valve
• Lug-style butterfly valve
• Rotary valve

Butterfly valves vary from size DN50 to DN1800.


Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, 316L,Stainless Steel, Duplex steel

Class: 150 to 300

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