Why Gelatos are better than Ice creams?

Date5/12/2021 3:48:23 PM
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If you don't eat eggs and hesitate to eat ice creams as most of them contain eggs, but crave the frozen treat, don't worry. OMGelato is here to whet your appetite with the most delectable and enjoyable gelato treats. You need not worry about finding an egg in any of our 60 base flavors. They are 100% egg-free but do not lack any of the richness that a frozen dessert should have. If you drop into the shop, you may not be able to resist the scoops of frozen delights specially crafted with a unique technology of liquid Nitrogen. They are made right in front of you and you can watch the process while deciding on the toppings. These customized gelatos are the greatest attraction of the shop for all age groups who flock around OMGelato to try out the unique and magical treat in Plano. When the gelato shop was opened in October it caught with the imagination of the people with its variety of flavors. The owners, who are from Iran, had a similar shop in their hometown. It was quite famous in the area and they decided to recreate the same in Plano as well. A combination of fresh fruits with fresh gelato is the most attractive offering of the shop. They are so delicious that you would love to include them as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best bit about gelatos is that they are light and do not add too much to your weight hence they are healthy. Walk into the egg-free ice cream shop, OMGelato, to try out the nitrogen-cooled freshest Gelato you could have ever tasted. Visit our website https://omgelato.net/ or call (469) 395 – 0903 to place your order today.

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