Yoga Class, Yoga Therapy in Mangaldas Road, Pune

Date5/17/2021 10:55:23 AM
Our courses welcome everyone, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience. We will help you to take your practice where you did like to take it. At our Yoga studio, variety of yoga traditions influence our course offerings including Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga.

All the courses and styles will guide you towards complete wellness, flexibility, strength, and balance. Our offerings range from courses that focus on a slower pace with longer-held poses exploring healthy alignment to more vigorous, athletic flowing styles. Below is a full description of our levels and offerings. The goal is not only to think of progress in your practice by “moving up” to the next level, but also to encourage you to find options that inspire, challenge and feel good to you! If you need any help we would love to help!

If you are dealing with any health conditions or injuries, we always recommend exploring our more alignment-focused classes or one to one lessons before venturing into flowing style classes, so that you can learn which modifications will help keep your practice safe and enjoyable.

Call us on 9595918575 to know more about our Yoga Training program for fitness or therapy.
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