Buy Black Abaya with Pleated Hem and Button Detailing

Date5/18/2021 11:19:25 AM
Hello fellow shoppers. If you’re looking for a new abaya then Moistreet brings you another addition to its new arrivals collection; the Black Abaya with Pleated Hem and Button Detailing. This abaya has the classic essence of a black away with the twist of a modern abayas. The pleated hem and button detailing. Add this to your abaya collection and grow your closet. Styling a classic black abaya style has never been a challenge. Timeless and alluring, this abaya can be worn on any occasion. The beautiful detailing done by buttons throughout the abaya dress makes it stylish and instantly noticeable. Get comfy in winter with some appropriate layers or simply put a lining to dress the abaya for women for a hot summer day. We have a collection of fashionable and comfortable designer abaya all for you! Find your next abaya designs with the right fit at Moistreet. Well, you can get a customised latest abaya designs just for you! Just enter a few details such as the chest, shoulder width, sleeves from the neck, etc. and get your customised abaya in dubai delivered right to your door. If only you could customise the colour and fabric of the abaya in uae. Shop from our large collection of abaya online all at a reasonable price. Find your next abaya fashion with the latest abaya designs at Moistreet.
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