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Date5/24/2021 8:26:55 AM
Built in 1914, the Arabidacool Bungalow is the finest & most historical bungalow in the Mylemoney Coffee Estate of Chikmagalur. The Arabidacool Bungalow is nestled at a height of 4000ft above sea level & takes you one step closer to the sky. There is a slice of history in every corner of the Bungalow, from it's elegant upholstery to the red brick shade. Home to the legendary and extremely rare “Kent” coffee, Mylemoney estate is nestled near Mullayangiri - the highest peak in the region with lush green forests, home to rich wildlife and a variety of deer. Thomas Cannon a renowned English planter discovered this ideal location in the early 19th century & thus came the association of coffee & the Arabidacool Bungalow.

Prices from Rs 40,000 per night for a 4 bedroom bungalow for 8 people excluding taxes
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