Google AdWords Audit

Date5/25/2021 10:23:07 AM
PriceUSD 99.00
09 390 399709 390 3997
A Google Ads audit is the process of assessing the efficacy of your ad campaigns. An audit can help identify the weaknesses and issues that could be hurting your ROI.
Think of Google AdWords audit as a doctor’s check-up for your ad campaigns. It’s good practice to routinely review the health of your ad campaigns.
When you let unhealthy keywords go unchecked for a long time, the results could be disastrous. For starters, you would be wasting valuable dollars on inefficient PPC campaigns.

Second, poorly performing parts of your campaign can hurt the overall quality score of your account, eventually harming the better performing areas of your Ads account.
In short, a PPC audit is an in-depth look at the performance of your campaign. It’s a great way to identify problems and opportunities that you could miss during your routine ad management schedule.
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