How do I fix the HP Laptop black screen issue?

Date5/26/2021 8:25:04 AM
Disabling fast startup may fix the Laptop Black Screen on Startup HP problem on your HP laptop. To do so, follow the steps here. First of all, open the Control Panel, and view Control Panel items by small icons or large icons. Then, click Power Options. After this, click Choose what power buttons do. Now, you need to click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Then, uncheck Turn on fast startup. Lastly, click Save change. Restart your device and check if your laptop screen works properly. The HP laptop screen can also go black if the explorer.exe process has stopped because this feature manages your taskbar, desktop, and other aspects of the device. Here’s how to restart it. First of all, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously and open the task manager. Next, click on the Details tab and scroll down to find the explorer.exe service. Select it and then click End Task. Then, restart the laptop and check if the issue of the HP laptop screen is black has been resolved.
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