Change the Look of Your Eyes With Eyelid Surgery in Philadel

Date5/26/2021 2:40:28 PM
(215) 885-6830(215) 885-6830
As the person gets older, aging signs appear in front of us. One of the signs is that the eye's skin begins to wrinkle.

The best way to improve an eye's appearance is by getting eyelid surgery in Philadelphia. This surgery is safer than a facelift or brow lift.

The main advantage of this type of surgery is that it enhances the facial appearance to look younger.

It is used for removing baggy under eyes, puffy eyes, etc. are called Blepharoplasty. After the surgery, it takes two weeks to recover from it. You must avoid some daily activities like

1 Avoid lying flat on the bed
2 Lie on stacked pillows to elevate your head
3 You can also apply a clean cold compress over your eyelids

Consult Dr. Chandler at (215) 885-6830 to get lower eyelid surgery done at minimum cost.

He is a top eyelid and facial plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA.
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