Italian Gelato Now tastes better in Plano

Date5/28/2021 1:04:55 PM
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When OMGelatodecided to open a shop in Plano, they wished to bring the Italian frozen desert for the people of Plano. The much talked about Italian Gelato, which is said to be far better than the American Ice cream, had to be introduced to America so that people can enjoy the distinct taste of this frozen delight. Keeping that thought in mind, a father and son duo brought 60 flavors to Plano, some of which were even unique to Italy. They have made quite an impact on the people of Plano. If you are fascinated with and passionate about Italian Gelato, there is no need to go to Italy now as Plano serves one of the best Italian gelatos you could have ever tasted even in Italy. What can you expect at OMGelato? The shop had 60 base flavors for foodies to taste from. You can select one- or two-base flavors. It could be traditional dark chocolate with a delicious caramel combination. You are free to create your mixed flavors. The shop prepares dark chocolate, milk chocolate, honey, vanilla, biscuit, or caramel with a unique base gelato that is a typical Italian frozen dessert. You can also taste the water-based sorbet with fruits like strawberry, mango that are available both with milk and water. Not keeping itself limited to the base flavors, the shop adds some unique toppings and add-ons to your gelatos. You could start with dried fruit, nuts, well-known chocolates, delicious biscuits, and colorful candies. Cream cheese, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Oats, brownies, velvet cake, or cookies are some more exciting add-ons that you might like to add to your Gelato. Fresh fruits and syrups are the other interesting toppings that one must not forget about. OMGelato stimulates your passion for eating the Italian frozen dessert in their shop or you could order your Gelato online by visiting their website or calling them at (469) 395 – 0903.
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