HP DeskJet 3512 Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

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Date5/31/2021 12:17:24 PM
The HP DeskJet 3512 printer is known for its fantastic print quality. This printer provides you with the best printing experience. However, instances occur when you have to struggle with the HP DeskJet 3512 printer printing blank pages issue. Nevertheless, this issue is common among printers and can be fixed with some simple steps. To get the problem solved, begin with the basics and check if the HP DeskJet 3512 Ink Cartridge is working correctly. The printer will keep printing blank pages if the ink cartridges are clogged. If that’s the main issue, try cleaning the cartridges manually or from the printer control panel. Low ink levels can also cause such problems to occur. Hence check the HP DeskJet 3512 Ink levels and replace the cartridges if necessary. In case none of the solutions work, reinstall the cartridges and check if the issue is resolved.
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