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Choosing the right water purifier service can be a confusing task for most of us. Tap water that comes directly to our places is not fit for drinking. It contains soluble and insoluble impurities that make it unfit for drinking. These impurities include salts, arsenic, fluorides, etc. It is very important to filter these out and make the water pure. A good water purifier filters out these impurities and excess salts and maintains the number of minerals present in the water. Maintaining the Ph level of the water is also very important. Aquaguard ensures all of us have access to fit and clean drinking water which is rich in minerals that are vital for the ideal functioning of our body majorly composed of H2O.

Aquaguard RO system comes with a series of filters. These are the prefilters, RO filters, Ultrafilters, Carbon filters which help in removing unwanted solids and microbes from the water. The Aquaguard service is cost-effective too.

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