Procedure and Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

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Double Eyelid Surgery is performed to remove tissues of fat around the eyes in Philadelphia.

It is usually done to correct puffy bags below the eyes and improve upper lids.

It is a part of a reconstructive operation that helps to improve a person's vision.

It starts with the assessment by Dr. Chandler with regards to how to improve the patient's appearance and looks.

There are certain reasons why we opt for double eyelid surgery:

1 The skin under the eyes is thinner than just about anywhere on the body. This thinness is a problem because in this area it sits upon purple muscle and blood vessels.

2 There is a genetic factor here, as well. If your parents had dark circles, it’s likely you do as well.

Contact Dr. Chandler at (215) 885-6830 who guides you in removing excess skin of the upper lid that interferes with vision.
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