Try Moistreet’s Light Grey Abaya with Hand Embroidery

Moistreet brings you yet another new treat from the new arrivals; Light Grey Abaya with Hand Embroidery. This beautiful wholesale abaya dubai is something you would want to add to your abaya collection. It’s sophisticated, aesthetic to the eyes and an overall great abaya. Style it however you want because this abaya will comply. The gorgeous light pastel grey colour of this abaya adds an interesting element of subtlety to this abaya style. Make this a part of your closet. Style it for any occasion. Parties or gathering, wear this anywhere any time. As seasons come and go you don’t have to worry about styling this abaya dress too much as it provides ample room for a stylish summer abaya and a cosy winter abaya simultaneously. The breathable material of this designer abaya makes it absolutely breathable and easy to wear. Be it the hot summer days or cold chilly days in winter this abaya in uae can be moulded for any season. Comfort after all cannot be compromised. And fashion shouldn’t be either. Have the best of both worlds with this abaya for women. Wear your abaya with charm and grace with Moistreet. Choose from the best quality modern abayas. Looking for the right fit? Well look no further Moistreet is here for you. The right fitting abaya changes the game a lot can agree on that. Get your abaya in dubai from a range of sizes available at Moistreet. Just enter a few details like your chest, shoulder width, sleeves from the neck, etc. to get the right fitting abaya for you. Feel great in your customised latest abaya designs. You can not only customise your abaya size but also the colour and fabric of your abaya. After all, we want you to have the best abaya online shopping experience. Affordability and style are something kept hand-in-hand here at Moistreet. We want our customers to be available with the latest abaya designs at reasonable prices. We want the quality to be on par with quantity. Shop from a range of affordable abayas, all at Moistreet. Don’t like your purchase? You can always return it with our 15 days returns & exchanges feature. Find your next abaya online, only at Moistreet.
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