Car shipping service for the military

Date6/4/2021 11:23:15 AM
When planning your visit home from the military, some things need to be thought of ahead of time. One of the biggest hurdles when planning, is how to best ship your designated vehicle. Luckily, Dellcy is here to simplify the process. We offer some of the best standards for military car shipping. Leave your entrusted vehicle in our hands, and you’ll be happy to see it arrived safely, perhaps even before you!
Our insurance policy and certification mean that we’ll be able to supply the elevated level of service needed while keeping a few safety measures in place. Leave for home with no second thoughts, as our experienced professionals handle everything for you. Our shipping is easy and effortless, thanks to our decade of experience on the road. All you need to do is get a suitable car transport quote from our website, or by contacting us directly, and set up a schedule that’s comfortable for you.
We’ll take everything from there. Spend your time enjoying the company of your family and friends, and pick up where you left off according to schedule, with Dellcy – the premier car shipping service for the military. Visit us online or call + 224-922-9222 to begin!

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