Self Expression Through Art by Atasi Das

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Date7/1/2021 9:04:29 PM
PriceRs 1,000.00
Just like any other art form, sketching and painting help one to express themselves better. Painting helps develop sensitivity among people to understand their own emotions, express them and remain in terms with them. But that's not where the scope of drawing ends. It's scientifically proven that it develops emotional and cognitive intelligence, reading, learning, and memorising capacity. Drawing and sketching dwell in the visual mode and we know how this mode is quite evocative. So, with this course, we will engage with these art forms and try to master their fundamentals and work towards being able to use them as a mode of self-expression. This is a beginner-friendly course, as to enrol for this course you don't need to possess any skills in this art form but just the passion for it. In this course, we will cover different elements like sketching, mixed media arts, still life, and even nature study to arrive at a place where you can create art out of even the most mundane of things. So, join us on this journey and take a step towards this aesthetically and emotionally expressive world of art.
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