How to troubleshoot HP Officejet Pro 8620 printhead missing?

Date6/7/2021 12:24:32 PM
To fix HP Officejet Pro 8620 printhead missing, try HP Officejet Pro 8620 Troubleshooting by resetting the HP Printer. For that, switch on the printer if it's off. Then, remove the power cord from the printer's back. After this, unplug the power cord at the wall. Then., wait for some time, and then plug the power cable of the printer's back in the wall socket. Then, plug the power cable into the back of the printer and switch the printer on. Another solution you can try is Cleaning ink cartridges, as this might also resolve the issue of "Missing or failed printhead" To do that, remove the ink cartridges from the HP Officejet Pro 8620 printhead. Carefully wipe the cartridges' copper contacts with a lint-free cloth and distilled water. Lastly, dry the cartridges before inserting them back into the printer and check if the issue has been resolved.
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