Pro Tect® Tacky Mats - 24" x 36" Blue (2-Pack)

Date6/9/2021 12:27:10 AM
PriceUSD 58.00

Tacky Mat Floor Protection by Pro Tect
Drywall Dust? Dirty Boots? No Problem
Tacky Mats have all kinds of different names in the market: Disposable Mats, Walk Off Mats, Sticky Mats, Adhesive Mats, etc. The bottom line is when you need to stop light dirt and dust from spreading around the job site, Tacky Mats are the way to go. Place them when you come out of the freight elevator so you don't track dust down the hall way. Tacky Mats are great to put down at the garage door entrance into the your customer's home. We even sell them to volley ball teams, wrestlers, other spots teams to assure they have the cleanest surface possible before and during their match.
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