Vaccination certificates

Date6/9/2021 3:47:31 AM
PriceUSD 3.99
I will do a vaccination certificate to help you show your immunity

We make a vaccination certificate that will add to your original one. By this instrument, you will have a document with a high level of trust because it has a beautiful and clean design as well as photo, country of vaccination, logo of the manufacturer, date of the last shot and a QR code which will tell an instant information about the bearer.

i) The certificate is only made after the sending of an undeniable proof of vaccination in the name of the solicitor. This is taken very seriously and will be verified in detail.

All you have to do is to send you name, your photo and the vaccination document containing country, date and manufacturer of the vaccine

QR code containing the following text: "The person who is identified by this instrument is vaccinated against the COVID-19 and therefore exempt from spreading or carrying this disease. The bearer demonstrated vaccination by showing document(s) which delivered evidence of immunity. For official purposes, please ask for an additional accredited vaccination data"

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