Improve Facial Appearance Through Eyelid Surgery in Philadel

Date6/10/2021 9:50:53 AM
(215) 885-6830(215) 885-6830
Eyelid Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that improves facial appearance by removing excess skin, fat, and muscles from the upper and lower eyelids in Philadelphia.

If you feel this is the right procedure for you, give local anesthesia but you would not be asleep during the procedure.

Dr. Chandler will start with your upper eyelids and remove the extra skin, muscle and fat. There are things that you should avoid after lower eyelid surgery:

1 It is good advice to avoid contact lenses for at least a week.
2 Try not to wash your face.
3 It is better to avoid electronic gadgets

Contact Dr. Chandler at (215) 885-6830 who is a top eyelid and facial plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA.

It is a task that requires dedication, effort, and a substantial amount of cash as well.
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