Date7/8/2021 2:16:48 PM
A data, customer and cloud consulting services company formed to simplify and automate IT processes.
Virtualigence is formed to help simplify and automate the overall development and managed services challenges relating to Data Strategy, Customer Management and Cloud Journey. Using process automation, MLOPs Canvas for machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models we want to show efficiencies in your scale of operations.
Our expertise lies in building handcrafted solutions and automation frameworks on, ServiceMax, Einstein Analytics, Looker, Talend and Google Cloud Platform.
We developed MLOPs Canvas (platform) is a PaaS, which can help you quickly scale and deploy AI models and ML pipelines just in days (and not months), using GUI based drag-and-drop features to streamline your data.
Other offerings also include using Deep Learning for Data Labeling and Annotation leveraging open sources and PaaS for Rail-Road industries.
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