Supplier & Distributors for Polyurethane Waterproofing Coati

Satiate Solutions is the leading supplier, distributors of PU Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Products like Sikalastic 450i. Satiates provide a wide range of polyurethane waterproofing liquid membrane technology to Waterproofing of roofs, inverted roofs, podium, patios, balconies, under tile wet areas, foundation and foundation walls, flowerpots, water wells, water tanks, and water-transport pipes against water.

We are highly engaged in providing best quality polyurethane waterproofing coating for our buyers as per their requirements. We are one of the reliable firms involved in offering a wide polyurethane based waterproofing products for our clients. Satiate leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiates Solutions is the country’s leading provider of innovative solutions in Passive fire protection, Construction chemical and Sika solutions for polyurethane waterproofing coating like Sikalastic 450i.

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