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Date7/12/2021 1:45:37 PM
diacriTech can help to communicate with a multilingual audience across all touchpoints with effective global content. We offer professional and high quality translation services in all major languages. We also provide localization services for apps, websites and other digital platforms.

The advantages we offer

Assignment of a project manager and a dedicated team of language professionals to each client’s project.
Translation done manually by native translators or bilingual translators having native level proficiency for European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.
Availability of translation services across a wide range of subject areas.
Support for documents in any format (e.g. InDesign, Microsoft Word, PDF, XML, Microsoft excel, HTML, PowerPoint amongst many others).
TEP model (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) is used for translation.
Language quality assurance helps to ensure the accuracy and value of translated content.
Usage of latest technologies including Translation memory, Term bases, and Digital dictionaries.
Secure environment for access and maintenance with team bound by client-led NDAs.
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