Zoom Room Adds a New Feature "Virtual Receptionist"

Date6/18/2021 12:21:55 PM
Zoom platform has been a great help to cope up with work, education, and a lot more during the pandemic situation. It is almost the middle of 2021 and almost a year after the real pandemic burst out. People have started to go to the office without even a small clue of how the office is going to be like after this pandemic. Being an app that is present in everybody’s device, Zoom has also introduced new features that helps people get to grips with working from the office. These new features, the Zoom Room Kiosk (virtual receptionist zoom), and Neat Sense have been recently added for people who have started to get comfortable working from the office.

Introducing Virtual Receptionist

While already hybrid is becoming the new normal, Zoom Room Kiosk, a virtual receptionist kiosk, warmly welcomes the user without any physical contact and guides them through a clean workspace with its options. The Neat Sense mode does a complete analysis of the room the user uses and provides a report on how humid the room is and the quality of the air in the room to be displayed in a dashboard. There are also other features that are capable of finding out how many individuals are present in the room and the possibility of pairing a zoom room with another person to make the work more efficient.
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