Confessions of a Network Engineer Practitioner

Date6/20/2021 9:37:51 PM
PriceUSD 19.99

BOOK INTRO: Starting my career from the navy, yet not
feeling satisfied or fulfilled, I decided to take a leap of
faith and set my heart in something I had always
wanted to achieve. Along the road came numerous
opportunities, people, and obstacles that shaped me
into who I am today. After understanding some cold
facts about life, I started exploring my surroundings to
find the most suitable work line for myself. Once I was
familiar with all the available options, I diverted my
mindset towards the IT field. It wasn't an easy path,
especially when I had to stay away from my family and
my wife for days. There were good days and bad days,
and I’m proud that I overcame it all with an optimistic
approach. Eventually, I even spared the time to earn an
essential qualification to ensure my safety in the field I
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