Paula Des Jardins Fine Arts

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One of my earliest childhood memories is drawing a mural underneath my parent’s dining room table. As a four year old, I remember the excitement I felt holding those crayons, locked into a world of my own creation. Today I have that same feeling as I take a brush to canvas and step into that world.

I received both formal training (BFA) and “world” training as an avid traveler (52 countries and still on the go!), highlighted by two years each in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. Japan, in particular, had a tremendous impact on my work- it opened up a whole new world in terms of color, perspective and subject matter. This experience together with my travels is what inspires my work: the rooted trees of Angor Wat, the labyrinth of streets in Florence, open skies in Costa Rica and the geothermal pools in New Zealand. The Japanese kimono with its pattern on pattern is a subject that continues to. fascinate me. I explore contemporary abstract expressionism that ranges from peaceful retreats to emotionally charged descriptives of my inner voice.

Arts and Crafts, Paintings in San Diego, CA, A1ranking
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