Looking for Plastic Injection Moulding Machine in India

Are you Looking for Plastic Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers? AURUS is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines in India. We have thousands of satisfied clients across India.

Below are the Primary features:

- Five-point vertical double toggle clamp mechanism
-Electro proportional hydraulics system
-Variable displacement pump
-T slotted platen
-Hydraulic operated mould height adjustment system
-Linear transducer on locking & injection side
-Radial piston type hydro motor for screw drive
-Hydraulic Ejector With Single & Multiple Stroke Operation
-Suck-back system
-Auto reciprocating injection system
-Accurate control of barrel temperature by multipoint pid control system
-Mould protection system helps reduce the risk of mould damage
-Auto mould height adjustment
-Core pulling system

End products:

-Disposable Cutlery
-Food Containers
-Bottle Caps
-Jewel Cases
-Shaving Razors
-Household Items
-Vegetable Crat
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