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The real estate market is very predictable or Very unpredictable
There are many internal as well as external factors that influence the real estate sector. Demand, supply, rent charges, government rules/ regulation, development in the area, security, and others are the main reason for that change. So no one can predict the actual growth in the sector as many things are influenced externally.
When you ask the property valuers services in Canada, there is a bumper jump in pricing in the real sector in the last five years. But the growth is not equal everywhere. You can remain sure about the good return on your money, but the quantum of return is completely unpredictable. So neither the sector is extremely predictable and risky.
A buyer need to pay at least 20 percent as a down payment
It is laughable but yes it's a myth. There are ways through which you do not require to pay a down payment at all for buying a property. This is probably the biggest discontent millennials today have.
If you have family assets, verifiable income, and good credit with the financial institutions, you can get your dream home without paying a down payment at all.

People like to sell more in springs
There is a myth that people wait for the springtime to sell their homes. They believe that this time, sellers are more inclined to close the deal as they will be in search of a new school, new neighborhood. Before the school reopens, people try to change their home, this the truth but the whole notion that more sales are done at that time is a myth.
As per data available with industrial real estate appraisers, there is no significant change that of the year. There is some slight change but there is no need to wait for that time to come. Half of the home buyers are single, baby boomers, or families without kids, so you can sell and buy the property anytime. Keep observing the market price, and when you feel the price is correct, you can contact Property Tax Assessment consultants like UCAS for selling your properties.
Available date7/2/2021
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