Loop Reactors

Date7/23/2021 6:50:24 PM
A loop reactor is a continuous steel tube/pipe that connects the outlet of a circulation pump & the reactants are fed into the loop where the reaction takes place & the product is withdrawn from the loop. In various applications including chlorination, ethoxylation, hydrogenation & polymerization batch stirred tank reactors are used in place of loop reactors.
Crystal TCS Pvt. The company is based in Nashik, Maharashtra & is based on the liquid jet gas ejector, jet venturi principle & uses high-speed liquid jets to enter the air/vapor & compress to suppress the required discharge. The rate or time of the liquid-gas reaction depends on the area of ​​the gas-liquid reaction. As our liquid jet gas ejector passes through the ejector, the intended fluid flow & the absorbed gas are mixed together.
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