looking for V Blender Machine Price in India

Date7/8/2021 11:38:17 AM
Are you a looking for V Blender Machine Price in India? Aurus is a leading twin shell v blender machine manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. The Aurus V-Blender is an infamous tool used to blend granules and powders uniformly via a thorough tumbling of a variety of raw materials.
The primary features of the products are as follows:
The two-wing design and repetitive converging & diverging motion assists in eliminating dead spots
Perfect to blend brittle materials due to the absence of blades and choppers thus preventing particle size reduction
Low-maintenance ownership experience due to superb working stability with minimal noise & dust
Efficient discharge due to inclined blender arms enables an unconditional release of materials
Effortless sanitation due to a highly-polished surface and absence of edges & corners
An ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options based on your requirement
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