Best Immunity Booster Tea from Best Indian Spices Company

People need to keep their immunity stronger than ever during the COVID season and with fennel and cumin tea, you can boost your immunity and enjoy savouriness at the same time. Besides, you don’t have to walk out of the house to buy fresh ingredients for making this tea as you can simply order it from the best Indian spices online company. So let's look at the ingredients:
i. Cumin seeds, half teaspoon
ii. Fennel seeds, half teaspoon
iii. Ginger, half-inch
iv. Honey as per taste
v. Water, 1 cup
The fennel and cumin tea offers incredible benefits for the immunity of the body but you have to remember to use the best ingredients to obtain the benefits of this immunity-boosting tea. JK Cart being the best Indian spices online company provides you with the finest & highest quality spices, safely delivered to your doorstep. Visit us to know more and keep yourself safe and happy!
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