Why my HP Envy 5660 Printer says Offline?

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Date7/15/2021 8:44:17 AM
Hp Envy 5660 printer offline in Windows 10 error message refers to the machine that can't interact with the printer. So, what you would like to permit your printer through the settings area also as check drivers. Attempt to set the printer online. attend “Settings” then “Printers.” Right-click on the printer and choose “Use Printer Online.” Clear any print jobs. Double click on the printer, then attend the “Printer Menu” and choose “Cancel All Documents.” There could are a stuck print job that might cause the printer to go offline. Try once more to set the printer back online and check out printing a test page. Toggle the printer off, then back on. Check to ascertain if the printer is jammed. Check all the network connections to form sure none are loose. Restart the PC. If this doesn’t work, read the HP Envy 5660 Printer Manual and try to reinstall the drivers.
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