Quality Bio Fertilizer Suppliers in India

Date7/15/2021 7:07:48 PM
Bio fertilizers are the substance that contains microorganism’s living, which helps in promoting the growth of plants, trees by increasing the supply of essential nutrients to the plants. They are good source for enhancing the nutrient availability in soil and plants.
A bio fertilizer suppliers is not just any organic fertilizer. It raises nutrients in the soil, or when added to grain, soil or living plants this makes them biologically accessible.
Our all units are outfitted with requisite facilities in order to fulfil large orders of clients within predetermined time frame. The processing unit is equipped with innovative processing machinery and equipment in order to process products as per the defined quality standards.
Our Dr. Bacto's products useful soil micro organisms which can help plants to absorb nutrients. The most striking relationship that these have with plants is symbiosis, in which the partners derive benefits from each other.
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