Saturday Morning Diet And Ecourses

Date7/20/2021 2:43:59 PM
PriceUSD 47.00
Simplifying health and nutrition that build better lifestyles.
Let’s get you to where you want to be. Let’s get you back to your best self.
Has the Time Come To End Your Obesity Once And For All? Your resolve is your own resolve. Our courses are the equipment that put that determination on track without overtaking your life. Our programs help motivated individuals acquire and put to use the science, information, and encouragement necessary to conquer weight loss. Saturday Morning Diet eCourses provide lifestyle and dieting strategies that are clear and insightful while dispelling false or dishonest magic methods. Saturday Morning Diet takes pride in our mission to help people lose weight and conquer the everlasting battle of living a balanced and liberated lifestyle.
The Silver Package: Our most popular package. It includes everything from the Bronze Package, so five ebooks circling information from nutrition and health to workout regimens and weight loss tips— plus, three more ebooks that focus on lifestyle, psychology, and metabolism. Our ebooks are designed carefully. Each is curated with expert information from reliable sources gathered by our authors to explain the concepts in a deep and clear way. Our aim is to show our weight loss programs not as a bag of methods and tricks, but as an organic, nuanced system that reinforces the basic workings of anatomy, desire, motivation, and what it means to be “living well.” The silver package also includes the course in audio format, because as we know, lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. We’ve crafted and formatted the course into audio so you can take it anywhere—further strengthening your relationship with the material. Paired with reading, audiobooks can powerfully induce learning and the motivation needed to continue working hard, caring, and loving yourself enough to make a change. Additional guided meditations are included in the silver package to prepare users for the mindfulness of weight loss and mentality necessary to reach your goals.
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