Should You Make A Claim For Wrongful Death In Ohio?

Date7/20/2021 2:32:07 PM
The unthinkable has happened. Your loved one suffered an injury because of the actions of another and he didn’t survive. You are devastated. The person responsible has been arrested and will face criminal charges. But where does your family go from here? Young children have been left without the love and financial support of a father. What will happen to them? Your life has been shattered. You wouldn’t wish this on anyone. A family friend suggests you look into filing a lawsuit for wrongful death on behalf of your dearly departed. What should you do?

Before you decide whether to file a claim for wrongful death you will want to consult an experienced Cleveland wrongful death attorney. The personal injury lawyers at Paulozzi Law, LPA are caring and respectful and can help guide you to the decision that is best for you.
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