Dreamer - CBD + Melatonin Softgels By Rebolden

CBD + melatonin supports a deep and restful sleep followed by a calm yet energized start to the day. Our sleep promoting formula is delivered with convenient nano-emulsion softgels for quick and efficient absorption.

BENEFITS: Sleep and dream with ease. Your central nervous system is processing activity all day every day in your brain and throughout your body, often leading to overload. A well-supported endocannabinoid system may help your nervous system to rest peacefully and recover fully.

INGREDIENTS: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Polysorbate Emulsifiers, MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Beta-Caryophyllene, Chamomile Oil, Melatonin, Bovine-derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, Artificial Coloring
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