Know about the world of fragrance language

A perfume has its own smell; it does not smell “like” something else. The world around you will become richer as you create your own sensory vocabulary. Choosing a fragrance is a major deciding factor. The perfumers and the fragrance houses have their own language of smell.Our sense of taste is limited to flavors like salt, sweet, sour and bitter. The other flavors come from our sense of smell. So that’s the reason when we catch cold our food tastes tasteless.Don’t we all love to smell great! Fragrances…Yes, every person has a choice of their own fragrance preferences. And a lot of time is spent in search of good-smelling perfumes. You too can experiment with your choice of aromas as perfumes have become a style statement. If you are fond of a floral fruity smell or love those woody aromas, then there are perfumes for all of you on the TRU PERFUMES platform.
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