Oral Surgery Care Clinic Services Windermere

Date7/29/2021 4:18:10 AM
Any medical procedure performed on the mouth tissues, jaws, gums, and face with local anesthesia is referred to as oral surgery. Oral surgery is a general term that includes the extraction and replacement of teeth.

Oral surgery procedures range from routine teeth extractions to contouring and biopsies. Some of the oral surgeries performed at Glenridding Dental Clinic are briefly explained here.

At Glenridding Dental Clinic, Edmonton, after extracting the teeth, we preserve the empty sockets with a bone graft or graft material sealed with a resorbable membrane. We then suture the gums. The procedure is always followed up with a radiograph to ensure proper healing. Graft healing usually takes four to five months before an implant is placed.

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