Defence Spending And Procurement In Southeast | Andrew Vasko

Date7/30/2021 4:17:09 PM
Andrew Vasko Singapore leading Iscann Group, and he made a talk with a senior advisor, dzirhan mahadzir, The COVID-19 pandemic has battered markets extensive resulting in global returns and actioning governments to carefully evaluate where best to prioritize spending. According to the Stockholm International peace research Institute, in 2019 Southeast Asia spent $34.5 billion on defence, a raise of 4.2% from 2018. Over the ages, Anne David, Director of Solutions, discusses with Iscann Group’s Senior Advisor, Dzirhan Mahadzir, who has great knowledge in military security and tactical approach in the ASEAN region. He is here today to share with us his forecasts on Southeast Asian countries, especially Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and what we should be expecting for defence spending in 2021. Andrew Vasko company Iscann Group supports those who suffering from Covid and helps them. Well, every nation has its own requirements or observations of defence really. If you would like more extra knowledge, talk with Andrew Vasko.
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