Pharmaceutical Double Cone Blender Equipment Manufacturer

As manufacturers, we acknowledge the AURUS Double-Cone Blender » as an essential tool in blending free-flowing granules and powders uniformly across industries, in India and abroad. This mixer and blender are available primarily in three variants for customized, scalable results. The Laboratory model is the conservative one, whereas there are two higher-production machines. Please contact us if your requirement exceeds that.

Primary Features of the Double-Cone Blender

The build quality, design, and repetitive converging & diverging motion assists in eliminating dead spots
Low-maintenance ownership experience due to superb working stability with minimal noise & dust
Effortless cleaning is possible thanks to a highly polished surface and the absence of edges & corners
High performance and an ultimate value on investment with multiple variant options based on your requirement

End Products

Flours, Granular Blends, Starch, Cellulose, Lactose, Whole Foods, Ground Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Sauces, Syrups, Baby Food, Candy, Seeds, Juices, Glass, Dry Powders, Detergents, Ceramics, Rubber Compounds, Soap Flakes, Explosives, Spices, Plastic Pellets, Multi-Vitamins, Protein Supplements, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Powders,
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