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Date8/16/2021 7:36:47 AM
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Whether you need a Philips oxygen concentrator in UAE or a similar one, Sehaaonline is the place to be. We are the #1 Medical Equipment Marketplace in the UAE.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

The oxygen concentrator uses the room air and concentrates the percentage of oxygen in it by eliminating the other gaseous component. Naturally, the air has 78% of nitrogen, 21% oxygen and rest other gages in trace amounts.

When do I need to take medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is a prescribed medicine and doctors advice it by assessing the health conditions of a patient thoroughly. Generally, when the medical oxygen saturation level falls below 90% in the blood, patients are recommended for oxygen therapy.

Can I buy a portable oxygen concentrator machine?

Yes. You can buy portable oxygen concentrator from top makers like Kare Medical, O2 CONCEPTS, Philips, Sanrai, and Yuwell.

Top Benefits of an Oxygen Concentrator

1. The oxygen supply never ends
2. It’s a source of up to 96% pure medical oxygen
3. Cures respiratory illness
4. Helps avoid or tackle medical emergency

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