Fat Burning Fingerprint-Lose Weight By Thinking Differently

Maybe you’ve heard about the Fat Burning Fingerprint, by Gary Watson, and assume that it’s one of the thousands of miracle methods that seem to come out every month. Before we begin this Fat Burning Fingerprint review, however, we should point out that we are in no way affiliated with the fitness expert and his product.

The claims outlined in the regimen are almost too good to be true. How can you lose weight fast, for instance, by just incorporating a 3-minute routine into your daily ritual? That’s not all. Did we mention you can do it in 7 days?

It does sound fantastical. However, you will likely nod your head in agreement when you hear how Watson breaks it all down in simple terms that can be understood by everybody.

This article intends to provide information and leave the ultimate decision up to the reader.

What Is a Fat Burning Fingerprint?

What’s the deal about the fingerprint? Well, as Gary Watson will tell you, our metabolic fingerprints are instrumental in how we lose weight.

We all know that one friend who doesn’t take on weight regardless of the amount of food he eats. That’s because his metabolic fingerprint is different from yours.

What the eBook is suggesting is to know your fingerprint first, so the routine is tailor-fit to your own unique requirements. For instance, some weight loss experts will tell you to only eat lean protein. However, it actually has high amounts of purine and this chemical substance may actually be problematic for some metabolic types.

In the same vein, they will tell you to avoid carbohydrates. However, the eBook will teach you that in certain metabolic types, carbohydrates will actually promote fat burning.

Actually, Watson is not exactly reinventing the wheel. He was building upon what is called “metabolic typing.” He even credited both William Wolcott and Trish Fahey, particularly their book “Metabolic Typing: Customize Your Diet to Free Yourself From Food Cravings,” as an inspiration.

You see, that book posits that there’s no universal weight-loss method that will be effective for all body types because individuals can be a slow oxidizer or a fast oxidizer. In the eBook, Watson added a medium oxidizer into the mix.
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