Liquid Eductor

Date8/23/2021 6:04:49 PM
Crystal TCS Pvt. Ltd. promises to strive for technical excellence & places great emphasis on providing quality products and liquid ejector services and is a technology based engineering firm working in the field of ejector based vacuum systems, corrosion resistant equipment, hydrogen systems & liquid eductors. When the various demands of the industry are met, you need to understand the needs of the customer along with the excellence of technology and product.
The liquid inductor enables the lifting, inserting, and pumping of the low pressure fluid using a high pressure intended fluid. The high pressure inductor fluid enters the inductor chamber of the inductor through the convection motive nozzle. At the inductor nozzle, the pressure energy of the inductive fluid is converted into a high velocity jet. The motion contained in the objective liquid is transferred to the suction liquid enabling lift, penetration and mixing.
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