Troubleshooting Lexmark Printer not Printing Issues?

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Date8/24/2021 1:18:43 PM
If you are struggling with Lexmark Printer Not Printing, then here are the steps mentioned following which you can fix the not printing issues. Firstly, you should use genuine hp printer cartridges as it is not possible for HP to guarantee the quality of non-HP or refilled cartridges and if you are using genuine cartridges, but the problem still exists, then you can move on to the next step. Make sure that the paper you are using for printing tasks is clean and wrinkle-free. Use a flashlight, look for the jammed papers, remove them if there, and look for the stuck paper bits in the printer paper cartridge. Inspect the cartridges and replace the empty ink cartridges as low ink levels affect the print quality, so make sure to refill the cartridges to get the problem solved.
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