Awning Repair Bucks County PA

If you’re the owner of a Sunesta awning from Paul Construction, you’re aware of the premium quality our customers have come to expect. Our team of installers is highly trained and consistently provides the most reliable standard of awning installation in the Bucks County area.

That being said, accidents do happen, and sometimes things that are out of your control (such as harsh weather) can take a toll on your retractable awning. As the owner of a Sunesta awning, here’s a useful checklist in case your awning ever needs repairs:

Determine the problem – The extent of care depends on the nature of your problem. Most awning issues are either electrical, motor-related, or cosmetic.

Hired labor or DIY? – Based on the severity of your issue, you need to decide whether it’s necessary to hire a professional, or simply handle the issue yourself.

Costs of replacement versus repair – This step involves determining the cost-effectiveness of replacements versus repair.

At Paul Construction, we only use the highest-quality awnings from Sunesta. You can have confidence that our expert awning installation team will provide you with the best available and highest-functioning retractable awnings.
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