LG Refrigerator Service Center in Anantapur

Date8/30/2021 5:45:16 PM
PriceRs 350.00
The refrigerator is common domestic house hold machine the refrigerator is most important home machine the refrigerator have more storage to store the food items we can store the multiple types of foods such as vegetables, fruits, liquids, eggs, curd etc. the refrigerator have temperatures to maintain the cooling of freezer we can used the food for longer times the refrigerator can didn’t waste and spoiled our food refrigerator have LG Refrigerator Service Center in Anantapur some issues like warm the refrigerator ,condenser problem freezer motor issue the LG refrigerator performance is good and quality also food if any issue you are facing you can contact our service center we are always support your issue our technicians also well trained and experienced to repair all kinds of refrigerator.

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