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Date8/31/2021 4:53:59 PM
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We all must have slept on foam-only mattresses at least once in our life. You might always have wondered that why they are too hot to sleep on. This is because foam-only mattresses tend to trap heat from our bodies. That is why such mattresses have always been uncomfortable to sleep on. But over the years, technology has rendered many comfortable solutions in mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are an example of these comfortable solutions. People such as side sleepers and heavy people nowadays prefer purchasing the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers and the Best Mattress for Heavy People over ordinary foam mattresses. 

It is possibly due to the fact that hybrid mattresses offer many varieties addressing people’s needs. For example, side sleepers or pregnant women can pick and choose from hybrid mattresses as they offer choice. 

In this article, we intend to elaborate on what hybrid mattresses are, their composition, and what good are they for?

Moreover, we will also mention some of the best hybrid mattresses available online.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are named so because they consist of materials other than foam—for example, latex, gel, and coils. In addition, hybrid mattresses are multi-layered, unlike traditional foam or innerspring mattresses.

Although hybrid mattresses have become prevalent, very much the support and comfort offered by them are often compared with the innerspring mattresses. 

Unlike foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses offer additional support layers, consisting of latex and gel and coils that regulate the airflow through the mattress. 

The coils in a hybrid mattress also work for offering support to the person sleeping on it.

Hybrid Mattress Composition

As said earlier, that a hybrid mattress consists of multiple layers. These layers are divided as follows;

The topmost comfort layer is also called the pillow top.

Followed by 3 to 4 inches of a layer composed of hugging material, usually latex, cooling gel, and foam to provide cushioning

The Innermost layer consisting of pocket-wrapped coils and springs to offer support to the body.

The base layer offers sturdiness to the mattress. 

Hybrid Mattresses are good for?

Recent studies suggest that hybrid mattresses are excellent for people who tend to sleep on their side, i.e., side sleepers. Sleeping on one’s side exerts pressure on one’s hips, shoulders, and lateral spine—hybrid mattresses due to their multilayer composition and inner coils, which work as an excellent pressure reliever. 

Apart from side sleepers, hybrid mattresses are pretty good for heavy people and even pregnant women. People search for the best mattress for heavy people and the Best Mattress for Pregnant women quite often online. Hybrid mattresses can be a probable solution to their search. Due to their excellent ability to control motion in bed, offer firmness and air regulation mechanism, people can use them for various needs. 

The Life Span of Hybrid Mattresses

The life span of a hybrid mattress is very much dependent on the material used in its composition: latex, memory foam, cooling gel, and the inner coils. However, the average lifespan of a hybrid mattress is estimated to be around six to seven years. 

Though purchasing mattresses is a one-time investment, being mindful of sleep comfort while buying a hybrid mattress is worth it.

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