Moving an entire house? Make sure to ask for help

Moving an entire house? Make sure to ask for help from Express Moving Van Lines – your friendly neighborhood moving company. We specialize in a dozen different moving fields, but where we shine the most is in our role as furniture movers. We’ll help you move your cluttered apartment, your affluent home, or even your business – on time, and entirely stress-free. Having been around for a while, we know how to deal with the most difficult of cases, such as when there’s no functioning elevator, when the furniture won’t fit through the entryways, and more. Avoid the headaches that come up with moving yourself by enjoying our affordable, fast, and entirely pain-free process.
Our furniture moving service is intelligently rated to remain affordable while providing you with a top-of-the-line moving experience. Everything will be insured and kept as safe as possible during transportation – with special fasteners attached to certain parts to keep them from moving around.
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